Fresh Move airs Thursdays at 7pm online on Facebook and Youtube. Simply search: Family Life Christian Center


What is Fresh Move?


Fresh Move is all about experiencing the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. Join us as we dive deeper into God's word and challenge ourselves to live naturally supernatural. We have seen and believe that the miracles that Jesus demonstrated are ready and available to us today. 

We aim to be a safe, comfortable place to learn how to step out in this kind of faith. Whether you are in need of a miracle or you want to learn how to bring them to those around you, Fresh Move is an excellent place to learn and grow in your faith. All are welcome and we hope you will consider joining us in our journey with the Holy Spirit.

Are you guys one of those crazy churches?

No... and yes. Do we all run around screaming, turning red in the face and rolling around on the floor? No. Do we believe that speaking in tongues is a powerful way for God to speak to you and through you? Yes.

Do we slap people on the forehead and call down bolts of lighting from Heaven? No. Do we lay hands on the sick and see them supernaturally recover? Yes.

Simply put, we desire authentic expressions of unity with the Holy Spirit. We are not seeking a fleeting, emotional experience. We are seeking a greater intimacy with the Holy Spirit and learning to rely on Him to do things that we could never do on our own. 


Got a Testimony?

How has the Holy Spirit been working in your life?