Pastor Joe Barlow

The Head Honcho
(...Founder, Senior Leader, and Strategy King)

Joseph Barlow has been ministry minded most of his life. Since his salvation at 11 and his call to the ministry at 17 he has kept his eyes on God’s call for his life.

Joe received his bachelors degree in Music Theory and Composition, then married Nancy Pictor after she finished her nursing degree.

Seven children have come forth from this blessed marriage, each child a gift from God. 

Much business experience was Joe’s preparation for ministry along with serving as a worship leader, audio engineer, Music Ministry Coordinator, Bible School Director and staff pastor.

Joe has a call to the nations as well as a mantle of fatherhood. Many seek his counsel on a wide variety of matters.

Joe’s musical recordings have ministered to many, his guitar playing, it is said, seems to “open heaven”.

Being led by the Spirit is the essential element of Joe’s ministry and his life. Romans 8 says, “They that are led by the Spirit are Sons of God.”

Drawing people to God, to relationship with Him, to experience Him, to know Him; that’s the focus of Joe’s life.

Nancy Barlow

Comfort Queen
(...Children's Pastor and the restorative one)

Nancy is the pastor's wife and serves as the Children's Pastor and as a member of the Advisory Team. 

Nancy has been married to Pastor Joe since 1985.
She's the mother of 7 children, and the grandmother of 2 grandchildren! As her and Pastor Joe have raised their offspring, she has written a lot of songs to sing to them and teach them scripture & foundational truths of the Word of God! Several years ago, she created a children's album called A Day With Jesus
Click Here to purchase it so that your children can sing along with these catchy, impactful songs. :)

If you know Nancy there are probably two words that come to mind: compassion and evangelism. Nancy just loves people. She is powerful in the Spirit and an amazing prayer warrior...even tho' you could have probably guessed this bio was written by her husband its all true! :)

Pastor Joe Cirafici

Exaltation Facilitator
(...Executive Pastor and High Achiever)

Joe Cirafici serves as the Executive Pastor here at Family Life Christian Center. He is a Bible teacher, worship leader and Singer/Songwriter. Eight years ago, having no musical background, God called him to lead His people into deep and passionate worship. His ultimate desire is to see people’s lives transformed through music and God’s word. Joe has a stunningly beautiful and godly wife as well as four of the most amazing children in the world.

Orla Ludwick

Food Queen
(...Hospitality Ministry)

Orla has been with Family Life since the beginning. She serves as the Hospitality Coordinator and as a member of our Advisory Team. Her heart for serving people is invaluable and she is frequently found in the kitchen, serving and cooking for others. She has a background in dance and teaching, and enjoys worshipping through dance.


Natalie Hochstatter

People Queen
(...Associate Pastor and Communication Lover)

Natalie serves as Associate Pastor at FLCC. She is a graduate of Charis Bible College. She has a heart to see people get healed and to help their relationships thrive and exercises this through her business as a Relationship Coach. Natalie loves hosting parties, traveling, health food, encouraging words, connecting people, and her dream man...who just so happens to be her husband. 


Bill Fang

The Spreadsheet Master
(...Systems and Operations and The Responsible One)

Bill, the faithful and responsible one. He serves on the Executive Team as the head of the Visitor Care Ministry. His ability to assist in creating systems and leading operations is next to none and we are honored to have him on our team! 

He is married to his lovely wife Kathe, one of our FLCC Small Group Assistant Leaders. 

Danny Hochstatter

Jack of All Trades
(...Media Director and the focus man)

Danny married into the Family Life Family by marrying the Pastor's Daughter. Risky Move. Danny serves on the Executive Team as the head of Marketing and Media. He also enjoys hosting the Sunday Morning services with his lovely wife Natalie. He currently owns his own Video and Production Company. His background in media includes work with The Anima Series, Willow Creek's Middle School Ministry (Elevate), Cugino's Gourmet Foods, and Joseph Barlow Ministries.