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What to Expect

Arrival and Service Duration: On your first visit you’ll notice friendly signs directing you from the street to the parking lot behind the building, please use the rear entrance. At the door, you’ll be welcomed by one of our friendly greeters. Because of Covid 19 requirements, you will be asked to sign a liability waiver and use hand sanitizer before entering the building. Masks are welcome but not required. We offer two Sunday services: 9:00am-10:30am and 11:00am-12:30pm. We ask that you fellowship outside after service so the room can be sanitized prior to the second service. We appreciate your compliance.

Dress Code: Here at Family Life we welcome you to dress comfortably. We like to call our dress code: dressy casual! If you want to wear a suit or dress, you are more than welcome! If jeans are your preference, go right ahead!

What Are the Services Like?

Worship: We have a powerful and gifted worship team, fully focused on bringing you into an awareness of the presence of God through contemporary worship songs. The lyrics are always on the screens up front so you can sing along. We prefer biblical worship which may include singing, clapping, lifting our hands, dancing, shouting, etc! You are welcome to join us. We sing three to four songs each Sunday from artists such as Bethel Music, Hillsong, Elevation Church, and more!

Message: The messages at Family Life are designed to Empower You to Fulfill Your Highest Calling in Christ. Each Sunday’s message falls under one of our three core values: Living a Supernatural Life, Discovering Your Identity and Purpose and Growing in Leadership and Business. Our messages are promised to be down to earth, engaging, full of stories, and always seem to feel personal to “you”.

Offering: Every week we receive an offering as worship to God, through your giving we are also able to fulfill the vision of the church. You are welcome but not required to give. Every week, when the offering is received, we take a portion of the offering and support numerous ministries and missionaries outside of our church with those funds. We also use a portion of the funds toward benevolence for our congregation and local community. Giving options are cash, check, credit card, text, or through our online system.

Supernatural Ministry: At Family Life we boldly believe in the Gifts of the Spirit. We believe the Holy Spirit is alive, present, and wants to transform the world through acts of love. We believe in equipping believers to operate in the gifts of the spirit in an authentic and life-transforming way. You may often see prophecy or other Gifts of the Spirit in operation during our church services as we have committed to allowing the Holy Spirit to move. Any movements of the Spirit are always monitored by our Pastoral Staff for the edifying of the body. That being said, if it is your first time visiting, please know, you are not required to operate in the gifts of the Spirit to attend Family Life, we simply ask that you give the Holy Spirit a chance to impress or love you in the way that only He knows how. If you have any questions about what you experience at Family Life, please feel free to ask our Pastoral Staff. We want to answer your questions and we promise that everything we believe and do is backed by scripture. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us via our contact page here on our website.

Arrows Children's Ministry

If you have children 0-12 yrs: We like to keep families together for worship, therefore kids are dismissed after worship and are taken back to kids ministry by our Arrows Staff. You are welcome to walk your child back to the Children’s room if you’d prefer!

We believe in spiritual training from the very beginning. We are not just babysitting here. We consider it an honor and privilege to be able to take time to pray and love on every single baby and child that comes through the door! We teach our children that God has a perfect plan for their life.

Like arrows, our children are sharpened through biblical teaching, strengthened through authentic relationships, made stable through their connection and relationship with God, and are prepared to be launched into their destiny by learning to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

We also realize the importance of families having someone to partner with in the spiritual training of their children. We have an outstanding team of volunteers who have placed a high priority in partnering with parents as they help their child walk out the plan of God for their life. All of our volunteers have been approved by our staff, have undergone background checks and have signed character commitments.

0-Walking: Baby Arrows

2-3: Tiny Arrows

4-6: Junior Arrows

7-12: Mighty Arrows


If it is your first time with us, expect to be welcomed multiple times throughout the service! Not because we want to embarrass you, but because we simply want you to know how happy we are that you are visiting with us! Covid restrictions prevent us from handing you a gift bag. So, we provided ‘gift bag’ goodies for you. Click the New Visitors link below to experience your gift bag. As soon as Covid restrictions lift, you will receive a gift bag during the service right before we take our offering. We will again ask that you fill out your check in card, located at the bottom of your bulletin. After you fill it out, please place it in the offering baskets as they go by. We promise not to hound you, we simply want to stay in touch and send you another gift in the mail to show you just how thankful we are that you visited.